PE Fit Programs were born out of the desire to help students realize the connection between diet, activity level, physical fitness and health.  Often students would express concerns about health issues, dissatisfaction with their body or their performance in athletics and academics without realizing that their daily habits influence all of these areas.  So a mission began in 2001 to educate students at a average sized suburban high school in Akron, Ohio about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet as well as motivate them to get moving!  As a result of the changes made to the PE programs, incredible improvements were experienced by students in their fitness levels, motivation to exercise, eating habits, understanding of health related fitness concepts, academic & athletic performance, body-image, self-esteem and general lifestyle habits.

PE Fit® Programs focus on 5 Key Areas:

  1. Fitness Activities in Physical Education Class
  2. Student Exercise “Challenges”
  3. Exercise & Nutrition Logs
  4. Nutrition & Fitness Education
  5. Fitness Testing

PE Fit’s Goal is to provide teachers with tools to help students embrace a healthy lifestyle by achieving a health-enhancing level of physical fitness and adopting a healthy diet. 

In order to meet the needs of 21st Century Learning, simplify our program for teachers,  and pique the interest of the students, PE Fit has moved to the online world.

The ultimate goal for the program is to have a teacher using the PE Fit GET FIT Online Program as part of their high school class.

The teacher instructs the physical activity & exercise components of the class utilizing the PE Fit resources as well as supports the online learning of fitness & nutrition concepts, student’s participation in Challenges, logging of activity & nutrition habits and grading of projects.

The PE Fit GET FIT Online Program can be used for homeschool students, independent study PE or flex credit students with the supervision of a teacher.

Please refer to the “Program Details” section for more information.