Program Details

The PE Fit GET FIT Online High School Program is a complete curriculum package that is easy for students and teachers to follow and can be used to compliment your existing PE programs or used as a stand alone program.

Each week the student completes a lesson along with a short quiz & assignment on the information presented.

Points &  badges are earned for completing the lessons, assignments, taking the quizzes, logging diet & exercise, and reaching Challenge milestones.

Four Fitness Challenges encourage students to be more physically active outside of school.

Various milestones will be rewarded during the semester as students progress through the four health related fitness challenges.  Students simply record their exercises in their PE Fit GET FIT Online Exercise Log and the program takes care of the rest!

Teachers should re-enforce fitness & nutrition concepts presented in the online program through short class discussions, as well as, using the PE Fit Program as a significant percentage of the student’s grade.

Including a variety of fitness activities for the students and incorporating the Challenges are also key components to the PE Fit Program along with fitness testing & goal setting.

The PE Fit GET FIT Online High School Program is designed to make the implementation and assessment of the National & State Physical Education Standards an easy task for the teacher.

The teacher’s portal displays student progress in an online grade book format including typical tools for an online grading program, lesson plans, curriculum & activity map, fitness testing records & other teacher resources.

The PE Fit GET FIT High School Online Program is bringing teachers a tool that will enhance their fitness & wellness education, as well as, make implementing & assessing the standards a much easier process.